Back by popular demand...the free tools list!

The tools below are great and valuable for various things...

They can also be used to violate copyright, privacy, and security laws.

Use good judgment and don't call me from jail!

More content is coming...finally LABS!


Free Tool

Witty Comment

Cain (& Abel)

Cracks Passwords, Sniffs, Fakes Certificates, Poisons ARP, Spoofs DNS...What more could you want?

S-Tools 4

Steganography? If you have to ask, you're not ready. This free tool allows you to hide and encrypt files in other files. Technically, there is no legitimate business use for a tool like this...or most of the other tools here.

Metasploit Framework

Be a script kiddie all over again! Harness the hard work of many code poets and drop the payload of your choice on an unsuspecting system. Ownership has it's privileges.


This is a sweet PDF creator...just acts like a printer on your system, print to it, and out comes a fully compatible PDF file!

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition

Keep your web browser, favorites, and cache all on your thumb drive!

OpenOffice Portable

Anyone want a fully functional Office suite for free? Oh yeah, it will run off of your thumb drive as well.

VLC Portable

Windows Media Player just brings me down...I use a different machine almost every week and having to install all the codecs to make my repertoire of video/audio files play is a pain. So it's amusing that a FREE player can get the job done so well.

Audacity Portable

Want to edit .WAV and/or MP3 files like a pro? Save your money, this programs ROCKS, has mad plug-in support, and is free!

LAME Encoder

"LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder" That's what LAME stands for...I know, confusing. You'll need this to export audio files in MP3 format with the above util.

KaraFun Player

Yeah, I like Karaoke, wanna make something of it? This is a fun player that will play CD+G files on your PC for loads of fun at the office. My karaoke version of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" is spectacular!

Office 2007 Compatibility

Man, Microsoft really jacked up compatibility with office 2007 file formats...however, they've made good with this fix that allows the older office versions to read the new xml file format.

MixVibes Free Edition

This cool DJ utility allows you to use your PC to mix MP3s together with virtual crossfaders. I've used it to DJ with great success!

Filezilla Portable

This is a straight forward SSH/FTP client that rules! Runs off a thumb drive like the other portable apps.

VMware Player

Thank you VMware for blessing us with this sweet (and free) utility to open up previously created Virtual Machines. There are many free VM's available at


Every now and then I feel the need to change my network card's MAC address, and this is what I use. If you don't understand why you would need to do don't need the utility do you?


Rips CDs nice and neat, at the bitrate of your choice. Smooth!


What? This program isn't available anymore...travesty! It's life changing if you can find it, and figure out how to use it. ;)

AVG Free Edition

Free virus scan! The best free one I've run decide!

Real VNC

Sometimes you need to control a system remotely and this utility when installed on the remote machine allows you to use the client (same program) to move the mouse, type on the keyboard, and view the screen from afar.

Pumpkin TFTP Server

Who needs a TFTP server? Sometimes I do! So if you do too, here's a pretty good one for free.

Yahoo Widgets

These work like Mac Widgets on your Windows machine and there are tons of useful and free "widgets" available. You can run these from a U3 compatible thumb drive and not install them locally too!


RealPlayer is about a good as a virus to me...but every now and then I'll need to view a .RM file. This is a hack of Media Player "Classic" that will play Real Media files.


QuickTime is bloatware, sorry Apple. This "alternative" allows you to view .QT files without installing itunes...yuk!

PocketDivx Encoder

Need to convert a video to the smaller DIVX format? This will do the trick!


World class network sniffer! If you've heard of Ethereal...this is the successor!

Process Explorer

This utility give you all of the info about every process running on your system. Now you can know if you're getting punked!


Free text/code editor with lots of features. After all, you are only as cool as your text editor.


Need a utility that will extract .zip .arj .rar .gz and many other formats? Here is the solution, for free!


This utility allows you to look inside the thumbs.db files that sit in folders with photos in them...allows you to see photos that have been deleted!


Really good VoIP solution that also encrypts your pipe...if you know me, skype me.

SpyBot Search and Destroy

A free utility that removes most spyware and has an Immunization feature that protects you from getting punked again. The commercial (pay) software doesn't do it any better!


You never know when you'll need to generate a new Security ID for a machine (or virtual machine) here's the quickest and easiest way to make it happen!


Mad Props to Hobbit for this "Swiss Army Knife" of hacker tools. Hack on!

OmniPeek Personal

This used to be called AiroPeek and cost a few thousand dollars...Now it's free! AWESOME!


Find all those wireless access points out there! The free Internet awaits!

Burp Proxy 1.3

A simple Java based proxy that allows you to intercept your own traffic...modify it...and send it on to the web server. Don't call me from Jail!

GIMP Portable

Wake the gimp! And then use the GNU Image Manipulation Program to edit images in a PhotoShop like environment!

Ahhh, my hums, it glows, it lives to please me! My Supercomputer!